15 October 2016 to 11 March 2017

Museum Loans - Street View, Graves Gallery, Sheffield Museum

We are pleased to be loaning photographs by Colin Jones, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen and Paul Reas to the following exhibition:

Graves Gallery, Sheffield Museum
Street View: photographs of Urban Life
15 October 2016 - 11 March 2017

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1 November 2016

Bill Brandt. Vintage Prints

The Hyman Collection is delighted to announce a major new acquisition of an important group of twenty seven vintage photographs by Bill Brandt from the photographer's estate. Purchased from Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York, these pictures include famous as well as unknown works, and provide a retrospective survey of Brandt's achievements. They are grouped around the central themes of Brandt's oeuvre and include photographs related to the three seminal books that established his reputation: The English at Home (1936), A Night in London (1938) and Camera in London (1948), as well as wartime photographs of ruined streets and people sheltering in the tunnels of the London Underground; nudes from Perspective of Nudes (1961) and celebrity portraits that include little known images of Henry Moore and Francis Bacon. Added to the vintage Brandt's already in the collection, the Hyman Collection now has one of the most important private collections of Brandt in the world.

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29 August 2016 to 1 May 2017

Museum Loans - Arundells, Salisbury

The Hyman Collection is delighted to be lending our life size Spitting Image puppet of former Prime Minister Edward Heath to the following exhibition:

Arundells, Salisbury
Heath at 100: A Life in Cartoons

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30 June to 25 September 2016

Museum Loans - Landskrona Museum, Sweden

The Hyman Collection is delighted to me lending works by Paul Seawright from his celebrated Sectarian Murders series to the following:

View Ireland
Landskrona Museum, Sweden
Landskrona Foto View, Ireland
30 June - 25 September 2016

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24 April 2016

The Hyman Collection. Annual Update. 01. Spring 2016

A year ago we launched this website to showcase our private collection of British photographs and to use the collection as an educational resource. Since then we have acquired additional photographs by Ian Berry, John Blakemore, Jane Bown, Bill Brandt, Mat Collishaw, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Fay Godwin, Bert Hardy, Paul Hill, Susan Hiller, Colin Jones, Dafydd Jones, Chris Killip, Neil Libbert, Daniel Meadows, Paul Nash, Edwin Smith, Jo Spence and Homer Sykes. We have also continued the process of making the collection available on line by adding a significant number of new works to the website.

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19 April 2016

Dafydd Jones. Vintage Photographs from the 1980s

The Hyman Collection is delighted to have acquired an important group of fifty vintage photographs of some of Dafydd Jones's most celebrated pictures of high society in the 1980s. Acquired from the photographer, the selection focuses on Jones's celebrated photographs for The Tatler magazine, the collection includes both published and unpublished images.

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12 December 2015

Daniel Meadows. Early Photographic Works.

Claire and James Hyman are delighted to have made one of our most significant acquisitions: the entire Daniel Meadows exhibition, Daniel Meadows. Early Photographic Works. Acquired from the photographer, the purchase includes over one hundred and thirty works, including photographs, screen projections and digital films. Many of these photographs were previously included in the 1997 exhibition, Daniel Meadows. National Portraits. Curated by Val Williams Daniel Meadows. Early Photographic Works travelled around Britain from 2011 to 2015, to venues that included The National Media Museum, Bradford ; Ffotogallery, Cardiff ; Library of Birmingham, Birmingham and the LCC Gallery, London. The exhibition was accompanied by a major book published by Photoworks, Daniel Meadows. Edited Photographs from the 70s and 80s.

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1 March 2018

John Blakemore. New Acquisitions

We are delighted to have acquired 16 additional photographs by the great landscape and nature photographer, John Blakemore. These acquisitions include variants of the same image to emphasise his brilliance as a darkroom printer and his skills at toning his works.

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28 November 2015

Susan Hiller. Midnight

The Hyman Collection is pleased to have acquired five works from Susan Hiller's famous series of Midnight self-portraits based on overpainted photobooth photographs.

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25 November 2015

Chris Killip. Isle of Man Portfolio

The Hyman Collection is delighted to have acquired a rare complete portfolio of Chris Killip's Isle of Man, a landmark in the artist's own work and in British photography.

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18 September 2015

Watch James Hyman lecture on Collecting Photography. Savoy Hotel. London

Watch collector James Hyman speak about collecting photographs as part of an all day symposium at the Savoy Hotel, London.

Click on image to watch video.

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27 May 2015

Boost of British. James Hyman interviewed by Sarah Coleman

Read a new interview with James Hyman about the Hyman Collection and Photo London.

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