Heather Agyepong

Exhibition for the Arnolfini Bristol: A Picture of Health? Women Photographers from the Hyman Collection

A Picture of Health is a group exhibition of contemporary women photographers from The Hyman Collection who have responded to subjects of health and wellbeing. Featuring autobiographical perspectives to social commentaries on the wider society, A Picture of Health is a timely exhibition as those throughout the world are united by the effects of the current global pandemic.

The exhibition includes work by Heather Agyepong, Sonia Boyce, Eliza Hatch, Susan Hiller, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Anna Fox, Rosy Martin in collaboration with Verity Welstead, Polly Penrose, Jo Spence, and Paloma Tendero.

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Announcing a collaboration with The Maud Sulter Estate on a special exhibition for the Photo Oxford Festival.

We are delighted to have collaborated with The Maud Sulter Estate on a special exhibition for the Photo Oxford Festival 2020. Entitled A Different Mirror, the exhibition includes works by Heather Agyepong, Alexis Hunter, Jo Spence & Maud Sulter.

Unfortunately, as a result of the panedemic the exhibition has had to be rescheduled. Details to follow.

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Announcing a new commission by the Hyman Collection. Heather Agyepong's new series Wish You Were Here.

To celebrate Valentine's Day we are delighted to announce that the Hyman Collection has commissioned a new series of work by Heather Agyepong. Entitled Wish You Were Here, it is inspired by life of the Queen of the Cake Walk, Ada Overton Walker, who was born on this day 140 years ago. The new series will be unveiled shortly.

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Loans to the exhibition "Play it Again", Firstsite, Colechester

The Hyman Collection is lending a series of 9 works by Heather Agyepong to the exhibition 'Play It Again: The art of remaking' at Firstsite, Colchester. The programme features 'remade' objects, events and films, produced by artists and the public. The exhibition showcases how history, contemporary culture and our own everyday experiences inspire repetition, remaking and reenactment in different forms.

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Heather Agyepong. New Acquisitions

The Hyman Collection is delighted to have acquired Heather Agyepong's complete series Too Many Blackamoors. The work was inspired by a 19th century Carte-de-visite of Lady Sarah Forbes Bonetta. Sarah was the West African adopted goddaughter of Queen Victoria who came to live in England at a young age. The images are based on my own personal experiences as a young black woman, dealing with the macro and micro traumas of racism encountered while travelling around European countries. Too Many Blackamoors aims to challenge the 'strong, independent, black female' narrative that can burden and often entrap black women. With Sarah as my template, the project attempts to illustrate the effects of such perceptual limitations whilst exploring my own internal conflicts of falling short from such mainstream ideals.

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