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Dafydd Jones. Sleepers. Special Boxed Set

Dafydd Jones. Sleepers. Special Boxed Set

Dafydd Jones has explained:

"Sometimes the party just goes on too long.. This is my third box of prints. I keep being surprised by the pictures I find amongst my negatives from England in the Eighties. They look best if displayed together. After doing these pictures I worked in the U.S. and travelled around Europe photographing social events for several years. I didn't ever see anyone falling asleep at a party anywhere else. Some perhaps are passed-out rather than sleeping. There is something more peaceful about just sleeping at a party- - These were the pictures I really liked. .It takes confidence to go to sleep at a party but seen together the picturesgive an impression of a of a society in decline."

The box contains 20 signed 10 x 8 silver gelatin prints on fibre paper.

The edition size is 10 with 3 A/P boxes.

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