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Dafydd Jones. Teenage Balls. Special Boxed Set

Dafydd Jones. Teenage Balls. Special Boxed Set

In 2016 Dafydd Jones made a special boxed set of some of his most charcateristic images of teenage balls in a special limited edition of 10 sets each containing 33 images.

Dafydd Jones explains:

"I made this collection of smaller prints in my newly built darkroom in September / October of this year. . Before building the darkroom I managed to track down my custom made sink I'd originally had shipped over from Brooklyn to England 20 years earlier. I wanted to explore some themes from these pictures from early on in my career in more depth and print them with rich blacks. I really like the rough key line edges of these prints. Although I used to choose my work at the time it would be influenced by magazine requirements and often the interesting images would be overlooked.. I went through all my files of contact sheets from this period to do a new edit.. A couple of pictures repeated in this collection work when the adjoining frames are seen too. Most of these have not been previously published or exhibited. I couldn't do these pictures now- I'd feel too old.- But at the time I was only a few years older than the teenagers... I wanted to include the one of me although it was actually taken ten years after the first ones. I printed them in a collection because the pictures work best if seen together.

The Box contains 33 10 X 8 archival silver gelatin prints on fibre paper. The edition size is 10. Each print is signed and stamped."

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