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Paul Hill. Mobile Objects

Paul Hill. Mobile Objects

The Hyman Collection includes the only significant group of photographs from Paul Hill's Mobile Objects series. This important series was part of the On Land exhibition (1981) which opened at Camden Arts Centre, London, and then went on to tour internationally at the following locations: Kimberlin Hall, Leicester, Leeds Playhouse Gallery, and Coimbra University, Portugal.

One of the series was featured on the cover of Creative Camera magazine (no. 200, 1981) and others were reproduced inside.

In his review, respected photo historian, writer and critic Ian Jeffrey wrote the following:

"Such systematic picture-making, so punctiliously titled and taken in an average light which hardly registers as a time of day, invites a sort of calculating, self-conscious attention which naturalistic photography scarcely recognises. In fact it lies half-way towards the art of Roger Palmer, Hamish Fulton and Richard Long, and in a loose send might be termed conceptual photography. The difference is that where conceptualists foreground the idea and the word which is its agent, Paul Hill still retains his photographer's eye for detail, and he still makes space for disruptive metaphor or for shreds of narrative."

One of the series, Forage Harvester was included in Paul Hill, White Peak Dark Peak exhibition and book (1990). The show, which toured the UK, was the featured photographic exhibition at the 1990 Edinburgh International Festival.

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