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Anna Fox. Afterwards (1983-96)

Anna Fox. Afterwards (1983-96)

The Hyman Collection includes a group of exhibition prints of the series Afterwards.

Afterwards is a series of large-scale colour photographs, each one depicting a collapsed body, all taken at the end of private rave parties in rural Hampshire.... on a miniature auto-focus camera they were blown up to larger than life size for exhibition rendering the bodies fragile. In 1988 these were shown at The Shoreditch Biennale bonded in plastic and hanging on the playground walls of a closed down primary school - this installation proved to highlight the vulnerability of the bodies.

Sean O'Hagan has written of this series:

"Fox also shot a series in Hampshire between 1983 and 1996 called Afterwards, in which she used a miniature autofocus camera to capture some intimate shots of young people sleeping off the effects of a long night's partying at illegal raves. Here, the tone is bleaker and the sense of escapism and its costs is palpable. One image of a young man lying on a ragged mattress in a field, wrapped in a blanket, his hands over his eyes, surrounded by the detritus of the night before - cigarette papers scattered on the grass, a wrap, a beer can and, oddly, a tin-opener - evokes the mother of all comedowns. One is reminded, once again, how many other Englands there are, from the dutifully conformist to the doggedly dissolute, and how all exist side by side as if oblivious to one another. This, perhaps, is Fox's great skill, evoking the rituals and everyday performances that underpin British culture and society." Sean O'Hagan, "Anna Fox: Photographs 1983-2007 review - the many faces of middle England", The Observer, 10 August 2014.

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