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Anna Fox. 41 Hewitt Road (1996-99)

Anna Fox. 41 Hewitt Road (1996-99)

The Hyman Collection includes the exhibition presentation of 41 Hewitt Road, as displayed on tables in Fox's major exhibition, Cockroach Diaries and Other Stories, Impressions Gallery, Bradford and tour (2008-09), as well as the special limited edition boxed set of twenty photographs.

41 Hewitt Road depicts the London home which Anna Fox shared with family and friends, and is also the setting for Cockroach Diary. The photographs appear as if made by an archaeologist discovering a site of interest, recently deserted, but the emails tell a different story. As Fox explains: The house was a chaotic place to live, so photographing the rooms enabled me to distance myself from the place.

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Anna Fox / British Photography / The Hyman Collection

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