20 September 2013

Roger Mayne. Vintage Street Life Photographs

Claire and James Hyman are delighted to announce the purchase of a significant group of vintage works by Roger Mayne that includes pictures from his celebrated series depicting street life around Southam Street.

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19 September 2013

Colin Jones. Vintage Prints

The Hyman Collection is pleased to have purchased over one hundred vintage prints by Colin Jones. Acquired from a variety of sources, these pictures provide a retrospective over-view of his career from the late 1950s to recent years. They include published and unpublished prints from two of his most celebrated bodies of work, Grafters and The Black House, as well as works from other series that address British society in urban and rural environments.

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4 July 2013

Homer Sykes. Vintage Prints from "Once a Year"

Claire and James Hyman are pleased to have purchased a selection of very rare vintage prints from Homer Sykes's celebrated 1970s series on British folk customs, Once a Year. James comments: "I've known and loved these pictures for years. For me growing up in the 1970s what is shown is at once familiar and extraordinary. I had the same haircut and clothes as the jeering boys on the street in Minehead, and remember harvest festivals, country pubs, maypoles and Morris dancing."

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15 May 2013

Mark Power. Newly released "Shipping Forecast" prints.

In 2012 the Hyman Collection purchased the complete exhibition set of over thirty large framed prints of Mark Power's most celebrated work, "The Shipping Forecast" and in May 2013 acquired an additional five images which had never previously been made available.

These five additional Shipping Forecast images were selected by Mark Power and printed for the first time to raise funds to celebrate 21 years of the Photography Department at the University of Brighton, where Power teaches. It was wonderful to support this cause and to acquire these additional images for the collection.

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11 September 2001

The Battle for Realism: Figurative Art in Britain during the Cold War 1945 - 60 (Yale University Press)

The Battle for Realism (Yale University Press) nominated for the William MB Berger Prize for British Art History.

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