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2020 Recent Acquisitons

Over the last few months we have sought to support fundriaising initiaitives as well as acquire major new works for the collection.

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New Acquisitions. Jo Spence. Cinderella

The Hyman Collection is delighted to have acquired a series of rare laminated exhibition panels by Jo Spence as well as the original copy of her thesis "Fairy Tales and Photography... or, another look at Cinderella". Spence's thesis, submitted in June 1982, looked back to the evolution of the Cinderella story, its present incarnations in advertising and in the press - focused on the imagery of the Royal Wedding - and forward to her future practise as an artist. A pivotal document, at one of the crucial moments in Spence's career, this thesis at over 240 pages, is a feast of images and ideas that stand at the heart of Spence's work. The laminated panels, from 1984, build from this engagement with Cinderella and also look forward to the centrality of health issues in her later work.

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Modern Nature. Photographs from the Hyman Collection, Hepworth Wakefield

We are delighted that the Hepworth Wakefield (Museum of the Year 2017) have curated an exhibition from British photography in the Hyman Collection. "Modern Nature includes around 60 photographs taken since the end of the Second World War, through the beginnings of de-industrialisation, to the present day. It explores the merging of urban and rural landscapes, the rapid expansion of cities and the increasingly intrusive management of the countryside. Rather than present a Romantic dichotomy between the rural and the urban, the exhibition presents a more contemporary sensibility that is frequently situated in the edgelands, the often scruffy margins, in which town blurs countryside."


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Loans to the exhibition Máquinas de Vivir. Flamenco y arquitectura en la ocupación y desocupación de espacios.

We are delighted to be lending a large group of works by Jo Spence from her gypsies and travellers series to the substantial international exhibition on the subject Máquinas de Vivir. Flamenco y arquitectura en la ocupación y desocupación de espacios. The exhibition explores the depiction and imaging of gypsies and travellers. (Madrid, Barcelona, tour)

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Loans - Here We Are. An exhibition to celebrate the Burberry September collection, Old Sessions House, Clerkenwell Green

The Hyman Collection is pleased to be one of the largest lenders to a special exhibition celebrating British photography.

Here We Are celebrates the very best of British photography on the occasion of Burberry's September collection for men and women. When creating this collection Burberry's President and Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey drew inspiration from social portraiture in 20th century British photography - particularly by photographers who have set about documenting the many and varied tribes, clans and classes that make up this island of ours, and the humourous, spirited and eccentric way in which the British dress.

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Museum Loans - A Green and Pleasant Land: Landscape and the imagination, 1970-now,Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne

The Hyman Collection is delighted to be the largest lender, after the Arts Council of England, to the exhibition A Green and Pleasant Land: Landscape and the imagination, 1970-now at the Towner Art Gallery in Eastbourne.

The Hyman Collection will be lending seventeen works that include photographs by Keith Arnatt, John Blakemore, The Caravan Gallery, Mark Edwards, Anna Fox, Paul Graham, John Myers, Mark Power, Paul Reas, Jo Spence and Puddy Summerfield.

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Museum Loans - Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park

The Hyman Collection is delighted to be lending around twenty works from the collection, including photographs by Anna Fox, Paul Hill, Paul Reas, Jo Spence and Homer Sykes, to the following exhibition:

Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park
Creating the Countryside: 1600-2017
18 March - 18 June 2017

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New Acquisitions. Photographs from the Jo Spence Memorial Archive

Claire and James Hyman are delighted to announce one of our most significant purchases, a major collection of over one hundred vintage photographs, as well as exhibition panels and hundreds of contact prints, by Jo Spence. The photographs were acquired from the Jo Spence Memorial Archive though Richard Saltoun Gallery, London.

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