The Hyman Collection and Photoworks announce collaboration

The Hyman Collection and Photoworks announce collaboration

In response to Covid-19 the Hyman Collection has teamed up with Photoworks to curate a selection of exhibitions from works in the collection which are available for institutions to borrow free of charge.

This partnership is intended to facilitate the loan of affordable exhibitions that can be assembled at very short notice and are ready for immediate display.

There is no touring fee. However, the venue will be responsible for covering transport and insurance and will need to provide details on the climate conditions of the gallery and invigilation routine. A large proportion of the collection is framed however if selected works are unframed the venue will need to cover framing.

The exhibitions vary in size and can be adapted to suit a specific space. Exhibitions can be curated by Photoworks, The Hyman Collection or by the venue's own curators. They can be tour-ready or tailored to a particular venue.

This collaboration aims to make world-class photography available to a wide audience and to share specialist photographic knowledge with museums across the country.

The Hyman Collection was founded by Claire and James Hyman in 1996 and is based in the UK. It is one of world's largest and most in-depth collections of British photography and includes over 3,000 works. Details of the British photographs in the collection can be found here:

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