New Acquisition. Anna Fox boxed sets of Resort 1 and Resort 2

New Acquisition. Anna Fox boxed sets of Resort 1 and Resort 2

We are delighted to have acquired the two boxed sets of Resort 1 and Resort 2 by Anna Fox, Presenting, respectively, family holidays and adult weekends at a Butlins holiday camp, each box contains 25 works beautifully printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper.

Resort is the result of two years that Anna Fox spent photographing life at Butlin's, Bognor Regis in West Sussex - one of only three remaining resorts in the UK. Anna Fox has captured the British at leisure, providing a vital and highly charged insight into the contemporary Butlins holiday experience.

The series marks the 75th anniversary of Butlins: a British institution and established cultural phenomenon, with a very particular character, history and identity. Having attracted tens of millions of holidaymakers since its creation in 1936, Butlins' popularity peaked in the 1970s, but, today it remains a thriving centre for family holidays and themed leisure breaks.

The Butlins experience has always been rooted in a sense of community, extending the bonds of family and friends to embrace shared social activities that are truly democratic and accessible to all. These values and aspirations are still pertinent today and the series recognises Butlins' prominent place in the national imagination.

Anna Fox. Resort 1 presents families on holiday.
Anna Fox. Resort 2 presents adult weekends.

Informed by John Hinde's celebrated colour photographs of Butlins holiday camps from the 1970s which were highly choreographed records of the ritualised activities in the camps, Anna Fox's large-format colour photographs provide a fascinating insight into the family activities for which Butlins is celebrated.

The series was commissioned by Pallant House Gallery and has been supported by a National Photography Museum Award and Butlins.

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