Daniel Meadows. Early Photographic Works.

Daniel Meadows. Early Photographic Works.

Claire and James Hyman are delighted to have made one of our most significant acquisitions: the entire Daniel Meadows exhibition, Daniel Meadows. Early Photographic Works. Acquired from the photographer, the purchase includes over one hundred and thirty works, including photographs, screen projections and digital films. Many of these photographs were previously included in the 1997 exhibition, Daniel Meadows. National Portraits.

Curated by Val Williams, Daniel Meadows. Early Photographic Works travelled around Britain from 2011 to 2015, to venues that included The National Media Museum, Bradford; Ffotogallery, Cardiff; The Library of Birmingham, Birmingham, and the LCC Gallery, London. The exhibition was accompanied by a major book published by Photoworks, Daniel Meadows. Edited Photographs from the 70s and 80s.

The acquisition includes:

The Shop on Greame Street: 12 black and white prints (framed)
Butlins by the Sea: 19 colour prints (framed)
June Street (collaboration with Martin Parr): 17 black and white photographs (framed)
Portraits (from the Free Photographic Omnibus): 48 framed prints (various sizes)
Textile Industry in Decline: 4 black and white prints (framed)
Welfare State International: 6 black and white prints (framed)
Nattering in Paradise (Suburbia): 6 black and white photographs (framed)
National Portraits: Now and Then (digital projection, including 34 images)

As well as all the framed exhibiton prints, the acquisition also includes a selection of short films made by Meadows. These Digital Stories include:

Polyfoto running time 2mins, 23 secs.
The Shop on Greame Street running time 4 mins, 46 secs
The Bus running time 5 mins, 13 secs
For Stanley running time 5 mins, 28 secs
Stanley Replies running time 4 mins, 46 sevs
Florence Alma Snoad running time 5 mins, 26 secs

These purchases, added to our existing collection of vintage prints from Meadows first book, Living Like This, make this the most comprehensive body of work in private hands.

The Press Release for the touring exhibition summarises:the early 1970s Daniel Meadows embarked on a journey to create a social snapshot of Britain, breaking with photography tradition and infusing the medium with new energies and ways of seeing. Meadows' resulting work displays complexity and passion and confers a personal and sometimes deeply autobiographical imprint. This exhibition and the accompanying Photoworks publication is the product of research by Professor Val Williams as part of an ongoing study into British photography of 1970s and 1980s at the University of the Arts, London. Together Val Williams and Daniel Meadows have brought to light the photographer's incredible archive of prints and negatives, along with ephemera and audio recordings. They have unearthed unpublished and sometimes forgotten treasures which add to a dramatic, moving and empathetic depiction of a recognisable, yet increasingly alien era.

The project is originated by Photography and the Archive Research Centre (PARC) in partnership with Ffotogallery, National Media Museum, Birmingham Library and Archive Services, University of the Arts London and Photoworks UK.

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