New Acquisitions. Photographs from the Jo Spence Memorial Archive

New Acquisitions. Photographs from the Jo Spence Memorial Archive

Claire and James Hyman are delighted to announce one of our most significant acquisitions, a major collection of over one hundred vintage photographs by Jo Spence from the Jo Spence Memorial Archive. The photographs were acquired from the Jo Spence Memorial Archive though Richard Saltoun Gallery, London.
These works include:

1. Gypsies or travellers c. 1974
One of Spence's major projects in the 1970s addresses the time that she spent with gypsies or travellers chronicling, especially, the lives of the women and children. We are delighted to have purchased this entire body of work. The acquisition includes large exhibition panels, over one hundred black and white photographs and more than four hundred 2.25 inch square contact prints. The contact prints are especially significant because Spence would bring these images with her on her visits to show the subjects.

2. Remodelling Photohistory
We are pleased to have acquired one of only three complete vintage sets of Jo Spence's celebrated series Remodelling Photohistory. This seminal body of works is a landmark in British photography and marks an important moment in the late 1970s and early 1980s when there was a shift from claims for the objectivitiy of documentary photography towards a recognition of the subjectivity of the photogapher, literally embodied by these photographs by Jo Spence.

3. Self Portraits
Spence's most celebrated later works feature herself. Among them are politically motivated works in which she holds up a sign and psycholoigcally acute images that relate to her breast cancer and its treatment.

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