Mark Power. Newly released "Shipping Forecast" prints.

Mark Power. Newly released

In 2012 the Hyman Collection purchased the complete exhibition set of large framed prints of Mark Power's most celebrated work, "The Shipping Forecast" and in May 2013 acquired an additional five images which had never previously been made available.

These five additional Shipping Forecast images were selected by Mark Power and printed for the first time to raise funds to celebrate 21 years of the Photography Department at Brighton, where Power teaches. The five photographs, each in an edition of ten, sold out within two hours.

Power explained the origins of these five additional prints:

"I began 'The Shipping Forecast' in 1992, also 21 years ago. That time was important to me on two levels: the start of a teaching job I'm still enthusiastically doing, and the beginning of the project that has probably defined my career.

Recently I've been re-editing 'Forecast' because, with the benefit of hindsight, there are pictures I'd put into the book now that I didn't include in the original. I've chosen five of these and made an edition of ten of each, with the forecast for that place and date printed underneath. On the back of each print I've handwritten a little 'story' which explains something about when, where and occasionally how the picture was made."

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