Website Launch

Website Launch

Claire and James Hyman are delighted to launch this new website as an educational resource that reflects our ongoing commitment to supporting and promoting photography in Britain.

Claire and I both believe that art should be accessible to all and hope that this website will serve as a public resource that will help the status of photography in Britain as well as making it more readily accessible to an international audience.

The collection is wideranging and includes work in all media with a particular emphasis on photography from its birth to the present. However, as an indication of our commitment to supporting British photography we have chosen to launch with this aspect of the collection.

We have spent the last three years working on the design and content of this website and we are very grateful to the many people who have assisted us in documenting and cataloguing the works and have helped build the database and website.

We hope that you enjoy the website.

Claire and James Hyman, London, 2015.

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