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Chris Killip. Photographs from In Flagrante (mid 1980s)

Chris Killip. Photographs from In Flagrante (mid 1980s)

The Hyman Collection includes several important works from the artist's seminal body of work, In Flagrante.

This book has achieved cult status and contains many of Killip's best loved photographs. In the "Foreword" Killip explains the subjectivitry that underscores his response to these English scenes:

"The objective history of England doesn't amount to much if you don't believe in it, and I don't, and I don't believe that anyone in these photographs does either as they face the reality of de-industrialisation in a system which regards their lives as disposable. To the people in these photographs I am superfluous, my life does not depend on their struggle, only my hopes. This is a subjective book about my time in England. I take what isn't mine and I covet other peoples lives. The photographs can tell you more about me than about what they describe. The book is a fiction about metaphor. "- Chris Killip, "Foreword" to In Flagrante, 1988

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