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Daniel Meadows. The Shop on Greame Street (1972)

Daniel Meadows. The Shop on Greame Street (1972)

The Hyman Collection includes 12 framed exhibition prints from Meadows' celebrated early series depicitng the local community around Greame Street in Manchester's Moss Side. For two months in early 1972, while studying photography at the city's Polytechnic, Meadows developed his practice of documentary portraiture by operating a free photographic studio in a former barbers' shop. Moss Side was being demolished as part of a huge programme of urban regeneration and he wanted to document the community before it was dispersed.

Meadows has explained:

I was influenced by the 1960s counterculture and also inspired by the 1969 BBC TV documentary 'Beautiful, Beautiful' which showed Bruce Davidson photographing East 100th Street in Harlem. I loved his work for its engagement and intimacy, and for the generosity he drew out of the people he photographed.

The Hyman Collection is grateful to Daniel Meadows for his assistance in cataloguing these pictures.

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