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Anna Fox. Pictures of Linda. (1983-2008)

Anna Fox. Pictures of Linda. (1983-2008)

The Hyman Collection includes the exhibition edit of Pictures of Linda as presented in Fox's retrospective Cockroach Diaries and Other Stories, Impressions Gallery, Bradford (and tour), 2008-09.

Pictures of Linda (1983-2008), a series of playful performance based portraits by Anna Fox of musician Linda Lunas, was a long-term photographic project that documented Linda's changing appearance over time. Fox first photographed Linda at a party, and inspired by the punk movement, in which Linda and her band Fashionable Living Death were involved, went on to continue photographing Linda's ever changing costumes and hairstyles. As their friendship grew, Linda became more obsessed with documenting herself dressed in different ways, and recording all theses changes she made to herself. In 2007 Fox created the film Pictures of Linda Lunus where Linda speaks, touchingly, about her life, her experiences and her response to being photographed for such a long period of time.

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