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Anna Fox. The Village. (1993)

Anna Fox. The Village. (1993)

Anna Fox's The Village (1993), made in collaboration with curator Val Williams, is a body of work looking at domestic life in a rural West Sussex village. At Anna Fox's Impressions Gallery exhibition this body of work was at the centre of the exhibition. The Hyman Collection of British photography includes all these photographs.

These black and white photographs use framing devices to suggest subjects spied upon and present glimpses of gardens beyond hedges and fences. Meanwhile, colour photographs present village life often using extremely close-up compositions.

This body of work was presented in a specially made room, re-created as an installation for the first time in fifteen years, using obsolete projection equipment and the original slides. On the outside of the darkened box are a series of black and white photographs. These depict gardens, photographed secretly through hedges and fences, as if they are settings for the next village drama. Inside the projection box, larger than life size colour projections display such events as family weddings, fêtes and women's domestic lives. A surround soundtrack whispers secrets revealed in interviews with women from the village.

As Anna Fox explains: "I wanted to spend time investigating the realities (which I felt were hidden) lying behind the façade of the typical English picture postcard village."

British Photography / The Hyman Collection

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