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Jem Southam. The Painter's Pool

Jem Southam. The Painter's Pool

The artist notes:

I began to photograph the pool around the time Mike became ill. The series of pictures grew initially from an attempt to see how the photographic medium might be used to deal with a similar set of concerns to those he had pursued through painting. In the early pictures signs of his presence "an easel, wooden poles, bent twigs and bits of string" appear. Gradually as time went on and he was no longer able to work these collapsed and disappeared into the fabric of the woods.

Alongside a presentation of individual photographs from the series - including never-before editioned contact prints - this folio presents a selection of images from the series available for the first time as a limited edition box set.

Works from 'The Painter's Pool' are included in the collection of The Victoria and Albert Museum and were published by Nazraeli press in 2006.

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